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Time Management Technique with speed tests for Competitive Exams

Time Management is very important for any competitive exam as there is limited time and whosoever is able to correctly attempt more questions is the winner. So, speed tests are the solution. Speed tests will increase your speed remarkably. How to practice with speed tests?
Step1: Select a mock test/ practice test
Step2: Set the time limit for various sections of the test (total time should not be more than maximum time allowed for the actual exam.
Step3: Start attempting from the section in which you are most confident.
Step4: Stop at the time limit you have set for yourself for that particular section and start the next section and thus attempt all the sections.
Step5: Now, that you have completed the test, check your score. This will tell you that which section needs more attention and accordingly practice more questions from that particular section.
Regularly take speed tests. Recommended is two to three speed tests daily. To further increase your speed practice verbal calculations, memorize tables upto 20, memorize squares and cubes upto 30, use shortcut methods for multiplication of numbers upto three digits and various other shortcuts.


Jamison said...

Do U have any idea about the training institutes that conduct time management sessions?

Sudhir said...

Mahendra's Coaching institute is one such institute which is imparting coaching for various competitive exams. It tells about how much time one should utilise for various sections in the bank exams and other exams. You can see about mahendras coaching at:

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