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Importance of instructions to be followed while writing Bank Exam

The instructions in the bank exams are always given on the question paper and I am sure there is one about doing the rough work. This instruction generally says that all the rough work is to be done on the last blank page provided in the question paper. But here I feel that there is no need to worry if some one has already written the exam and committed this mistake and done the rough work elsewhere because I hope they don't see your question paper while checking your answer sheet. Also I cannot understand the logic behind canceling your paper just because you have done rough work on your question paper. If somebody has done rough work on the question paper then what crime has he/she done? There is no logic. So be cheerful and don't worry.
But for those who are are appearing in any of the bank exams be careful while reading the instructions and follow them strictly. I have come across many people who did commit such mistakes and later on they fear that their candidature may be canceled due to this. So its always better to take precaution than to regret later.
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