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Shortcut Method for Multiplication of Three Digit Numbers

You can use this method to multiply three digit numbers in a single line without using the conventional method where you have to first multiply in three lines and then add in the fourth line.
Example:- 583 x 764

In this method you get the answer in five easy steps:-
1. The digit at units place = 3x4=12. You get 2. Carry forward 1.
2. The digit at tens place = (4x8)+(6x3)+1 [carry forward from step 1]=51. You get 1. Carry forward 5.
3. The digit at hundreds place = (4x5)+(6x8)+(7x3)+5 [carry forward from step 2]=94. You get 4. Carry forward 9.
4. The digit at thousands place = (6x5)+(7x8)+9 [carry forward from step 3]=95. You get 5. Carry forward 9.
5. Rest of the digits = (7x5)+9 [carry forward from step 4]=44.

Your answer is 445412.

Beleive me it is not very tough, still very useful. Just memorise the above diagram and practice with a few examples and you'll learn how to use it.

This can also be used as a shortcut method for squares of three digit numbers.

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