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How to overcome nervousness and appear for Competitive Exams like Bank Exams and others?

Most of the people get nervous before appearing in exams and the result is that they could not do well. Some are nervous because they have not studied thoroughly while others may be nervous instead of preparing well. Below are some basic things that one must keep in mind on the day of the exam:

1. Wake up on time on the day of exam (neither too early nor too late). If you do not wake-up in time then your alertness level may decrease and you may not be able to put in your 100% efforts. After finishing your morning routine tasks, get ready.
2. If the exam is in the morning session, take a normal breakfast and if it is in the afternoon, have a light lunch before leaving for the center of examination well on time taking your margin for any unforeseen delays due to traffic or otherwise. Sometimes people reach late and this makes them nervous.
3. On reaching the Centre, lookout for your roll no and locate your room no and seat.
4. In the examination room, settle well and on receiving the test booklet take an overview of the test booklet, do not start solving the paper in a hurry. Just take a look, and get an idea to solve the paper.
5. After the overview of the booklet, time management is very important aspect in any exams (See - Time Management Technique with speed tests for Competitive Exams), so manage you time well according to the test and questions. Every fraction of a second is important.
6. If your are sure about the answer, then don't waste the time looking other options of the related questions, whichever is your choice just hit it and fill the oval, immediately and switch to other question.
7. Skip the tough questions in which you are stuck as they will waste your time and you may lose confidence. Leave it and come to that question afterward.
8. Friends, speed is an important factor in competitive exams, every fraction of a second is very important. So thinks fast and solve fast.
9. Many candidates try intelligent guessing, I do not recommend this because now most of the competitive exams have negative marking. If you could eliminate 2 options of the 4, then you may go for intelligent guessing.
10. The last but not the least is that attempt questions from all the sections of the paper, because qualifying in all the sections is compulsory in most of the exams.
11. After completion, within 1-2 minutes, check all the details in your answer sheet, check all the oval filled, check your roll number and booklet codes, also check about double answers and unanswered questions.

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