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How to prepare for Interviews like Bank interviews and other competitive exam?

Generally the interview board will be friendly and they would try to decrease the candidate's tensions. (See - Point no 1 and 2 of How to overcome nervousness and appear for Competitive Exams like Bank Exams and others?)
So at first, they might ask some personal questions. Sometimes the interview might start with some casual questions so that the candidate is brought at ease.
It is a time when the candidate can display or mention his qualities and skills. The interviewer would require some special skills from their employees, so they would be looking for individuals with such skills.
The dressing should be neat and professional. Do not use casual wears. For ladies, avoid use of lot of ornaments. Simple and elegant dressing can give a good impression.
Always, listen to the question carefully before jumping into answers. Do not try to answer, if you do not know the answer. Be honest and tell the interviewer that you do not know it. Being honest is more important than bluffing anything.
Information to be collected
Try to collect details about the organization, such as when it was established, promoters, products and services offered, branches, career opportunities, employee benefits, location in your area etc.
Your body language speaks for you. So try to be positive and confident. Sit erect and be comfortable. Have eye contact with the interviewer. Be honest. Never try to hide anything from the interviewer. Do not try to blame the previous employers.
Personal Questions
At first the interviewer would ask you about yourself. You can include your skills here, so that the interviewer would ask questions related to that. Often, the interviewer would ask questions connected to your answers. So give answers carefully. If there is any specialty about your village or town, you will be asked about it. There can be questions from your subject area. The interviewer need not be an expert in your subject area. So you can expect some general questions. There would definitely be a question about why you prefer this job? Be prepared to give an impressive answer. You should be having a vision in life. They may ask to relate your vision and the job which you have applied for. They may give a situation which you may face in this job and ask you how you would handle it. You have to thank the interview board, before leaving the room. You should be good in speaking English. For improving skills in English you can go through improve English. Try to conduct some mock interviews with friends or at home so that you get some experience about how to behave in an interview.

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